Exotic Boarding

Have a rabbit? Ferret? Guinea pig? Gerbil? Hamster? We love pocket pets! Make sure to bring along your rabbit or pocket pet’s water bottle, food dishes, food, and bedding to make the experience enjoyable and stress-free for you and your pet! Our kennel staff has the experience, love, and care that your pet deserves!

Have a pet bird? Bird sitting is a service Noah’s Pet Hotel and Spa is proud to offer! Make sure to bring your bird’s complete cage along with food, dishes and any bedding to make your bird- sitting experience as easy and enjoyable as possible!

Pot-bellied pigs are fun and unique pets! We love to care for pet pigs here at Noah’s Pet Hotel and Spa for day boarding or an overnight stay, and your pig will enjoy it’s pig-sitting experience!

Reptiles and amphibians are welcome here at Noah’s Pet Hotel and Spa! Make sure to bring all the equipment that your turtle, lizard, or other pet needs in order to ensure that their experience is cozy and pleasant!

Small (Birds, Rabbits, Reptiles, etc.)
$25.00 per day
Large (pigs)
$40.00 per day

You must bring your own food, cage, and bedding for exotic pets. If you have questions on what to bring, please ask a kennel staff member.


6325 Chelton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17112


331 E Lisburn Rd,
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055